The only product you can sell: Trust

-Ten steps to turn your customer into your fans... and how to make miracles!

Make fans

You know you must seduce the people looking for the products and services you offer.

Find them, make them love you, and be your fans. Take your customer to your social media, your website, and your store.

But things don’t stop at getting the leads that will turn into sales. At the same time, you must sell the most valuable asset in the market: Trust.

Building links

Your content should engage with what moves your customers in their everyday life.

With your content dedicated to your customer’s interests and needs, you have established a personal and emotional bond that lasts beyond the purchase.

But beware! Gaining someone’s trust is the highest responsibility you can assume because you are obliged to respond all the time, at all times, and the best service you can give.

Check out these essential tips to gain trust.

1.- Nothing but the truth.

Publish truthful, verifiable, and reliable information. Do not echo rumors. The Internet is full of fake information that confuses and sooner or later is revealed as a fraud. Don’t be one more who repeats pseudo-information. Instead, only publish what you can support with facts. Reveal your sources. Don’t be a know-it-all and remain transparent.

2.- Talk to real people.

Be a friend to your audience. Be wary of sites that throw percentages at you like this: “80 percent of users on the web only want to have fun”. Your best prospects may belong to the remaining 20 percent. Don’t talk to the audience from a pedestal of authority. Instead, talk to real people on their level. Your buyers are not numbers. They are people you want to please. Get involved in their concerns, objections, and needs. Forget about hierarchies.

3.- Emotional content.

Thrill them all. Emotions are what move us most (in fact, the word “emotion” contains the concept of “movement”). Emotions are what impulses us to move in a certain direction. However, not everything is to reach the feelings of your customers. At the same time, you must support this predisposition towards action with solid reasons and arguments. You are capable of arousing impulses, but you must support it with solid facts.

4.- Be narrative… and make miracles!

Tell stories. The “narrative turn” is the way we see reality. Ask someone to tell you a joke, ask your children how their day was. Everything is storytelling.

Your challenge is to turn your brand or product into an exciting story, from which new stories emerge every day. One of these stories is yours with every new client.

Do not present a still world, a finished and static reality. A story always explains how things change and what once seemed impossible becomes real. Into the narrative, miracles occur! You want your user to get on that story and transform into your customer. Tell them a story that engages them in a change.

5.- Stop talking about yourself.

In the client’s shoes. Put yourself in the consumer’s place, and know what they need. Don’t turn your messages into a simple exposition of your virtues. Instead, talk about what interests your customers and followers. Don’t talk only about your product, but about the market where it is. In this manner, you will put your product in the center of a vast network. Address the topics that interest the people who follow you.

6.- Be interactive.

Start a conversation. Dare to hear what people have to say about you. Traditional journalism and advertising use institutional or established sources of information, dare to give a voice to those who nobody heard before. Yes, this is the current reality of the networks, so it’s not an option that you can leave aside.

Traditional advertising and mass media are in crisis. Don’t be part of their decline and participate in the dialogue environment that characterizes today’s media.

7. Be a source of useful data.

Help people to solve problems. The information you publish should be useful in people’s daily lives. Every time someone has to make a decision, look for information to support them. Nowadays, every customer uses the Internet to make their purchase decision, and they are more willing to listen to those who offer practical data and real-life experiences. When they come to your store (or call you for a service), they have already made up their mind, and it will be almost impossible to change it. Be a valuable source of useful information, solve problems for your customers before they get to your store.

8.- Create a community.

Build a tough leadership. Nowadays, the customer is not alone when taking the purchase decision. The customer ask friends, search for experiences of other people, wants to know Before&After. Your content needs to be At the end, every satisfied customer will recommend you as a trusted source of information to others. Remember that the best page is what builds fidelity

9.- Be transparent about yourself.

Let the people know you. Who you are, what you want, where you are, and what you do. Develop a great story about yourself. Tell your story, about the ones who preceded you, your team, and the goals that you want to achieve. Show that your organization is made by real people.

10.- Keep it fresh.

Turn your home page into a magazine with fresh content. That will keep your readers coming back and you’ll become a leader in your area. Be the one who is always up to the date. Don’t let your content grow older or out of time. Your audience will know that yopu are an expert and will follow you. Besides, the info about your area, create your own news and make press realeses about your company. That will put you on the top of your bussines.

Trust is a relationship based on facts. Marketing is also a relationship where two parties gain something and both deliver something valuable to the other.

Build that trusted link and make it last over time. That’s the story about Brand Content. It’s giving your brand a thought leadership in the market.